Saturday, November 3, 2007


It's been a while I know since my last post, I have been playing around on facebook and have let my other computer hobbie fall by the wayside...
I have been knitting though, that never stops. Although we have had daylight savings start here and the kids have taken a while to adjust to their new bedtime, so have been going to bed later...grrrr! They are lovely kiddies though, here's a photo just to show how lucky I am. (A bit blurry it was taken on my phone, but they were chillin' out at the department store)

Well, my knitting.....

I am working on five things (a lot for me), but a lot of them are socks, so it's not so bad. I knit so slowly, that five things is likely to take me two years to finish. And that is bad because there are so many new things I want to knit. My queue list on Ravelry is getting longer and longer....
  1. Cast on for a Cardigan for Arwen in Sirdar Baby Bamboo it is a pretty yarn and knits up quite nicely, very even and neat. I'm using the 138 Waterbaby colour.

  2. My Wild Flower Shawl - disaster disaster disaster!!. I added and extra two yarn overs and now have two extra holes...oh woe is me, I have no idea how to fix this!! There are two rows of stocking stitch in between the pattern so I think I have to frog till these rows, then try and pick them up there, hmmm, it's been put in the too hard basket for a while.

3. Bush socks, these are some dk socks made from Jo Sharp's dk wool, in bright red. No problems here...

4. Still going on Roza's sock that I talked about in an earlier post. One down

, one to go.

5. And last but not least my little Debbie Bliss Booties, of which I also have one down, one to go. Not much to say here, don't really like them very much, so.....

And for a sad personal piece too, my Mum, who I'm very close to had a heart 'turn' last week. She has already had a heart attack and by pass surgery and now, two years later had pains and something go on. She has a specialist appointment in a couple of weeks, but at the moment they are thinking maybe she had another mild heart attack....such worrying news. I am scared for her but am trying to not let on...

Well. Bye. Then.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

What to do???

My lovely hubby, who often gets a mention on here, has taken the kids away to visit my MIL for the weekend. For the first time in 3. 5 years I am alone for more than an hour!!!!
What bliss, my biggest dilema at the moment is, what to cast on?

I've been saving casting on for these two projects till this weekend:
  1. Jo Sharp vest from Knit Issue 3 for me - bit ho hum about the dk, feels a bit scratchy to me, but love the pattern

  2. Sirdar baby bamboo cardigan for Arwen - love love love it.

Guess my decision is made, or is it.............

Here's a pic of the yarn choices:

Jo Sharp


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hiccup with Posh Yarn :-(

Poor Seany, he tried to buy me some Posh Yarn, laceweight, to make this shawl the Wildflower Shawl and the yarn has been lost in transit. He ordered it about 3 weeks ago now and it hasn't turned up so he contacted Dee who said she sent it to our address, but the UK instead of Australia. We don't know who got mixed up, it could have been either of them. Seany did place the order about 3 am so he could have put the country code in wrong...but then Dee took out the international postage fee so perhaps it was the right address but she misread it.

Either way, Dee kindly refunded his money and tonight I am going to set my alarm and try and order some myself. I have just put a post to start a KAL on Angel Yarns, so I hope someone else joins, or I'll have to knit-a-long with myself, hehe.

My lovely husband also had another package arrive yesterday, that didn't make my birthday either. He bought me two sets of rosewood straight needles. They came from US. He did so much research on the best needles to have, he is just about an expert now. Isn't he lovely!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's been a LONG time

Too too long. I mustn't leave without telling where I'm going?
Which was actually nowhere, just been busy...
I got into Ravelry.. YAY.. last week. Sure keeps you busy. It was my birthday on Wednesday, and what a lovely day it was. I have such gorgeous family they spoil me terribly and make me feel totally loved. Ahhhh.....
I'll add a few bits that I got as gifts from the above mentioned lurrrvelly people....
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn to make Roza's Socks

And some Jo Sharp DK to make Sean some Bush Socks....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grandpa Socks

Well, these socks aren't actually for a grandpa, although my husband does act like one on the odd occassion. DH calls them his Grandpa socks, I think it's the he right?

Anyway, I think I learnt a lot with these socks, with the help of some lovely knitters from Angel Yarns. One foot has a mistake, I started decreasing on the top of the sock instead of the side. You can see in this photo.

But apart from that I am happy with them. Next time I am looking forwards to using some plain coloured yarn and trying a little lace or texture. I'm thinking of Grumperina's Roza's socks. It is my birthday later this month, and some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn is on my list.....:-)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jett's Jacket :-)

Well, as promised, I have finished Jett's jacket. YAY for me!!

The pattern is by Zoe Mellor, from her book Nursery Knits. It uses Rowan Calmer, in two shades, the darker one Slosh and the lighter blue Calmer. I made a size 2-3 years, but it was a bit smaller than I anticipated, my son is only 16 months and it fits him perfectly now. Plus I have a bit of left over yarn, about 70 grams of Calmer and 30 grams of Slosh.
Wonder what I can make with that??

I kind of knew I had a problem with my tension, I did do a tension square (but then promptly ignored it). My tension square was a bit out, but I thought, I've never had any differences with my tension before, so I just went ahead. Mmmmm......

But over all, I'm really pleased, I tried very hard to be neat and precise. And I think it shows, especially in the shoulder bind off, and hood. The pockets are well done, and my stripes match at the side and underarm seams.

On the critical side, my zipper could do with some work. I machine sewed it in, and the machine pulled a bit so it the stripes don't line up-a shame! Also, I still find it so hard to sew my ends in. I weave them in but the little tiny bits just pop out, I feel like I need to glue them down.

As I said this is for DS, he tried it on for me tonight, and looks pleased I think.

DD also tried it on, here she is showing the sleeve.

And doing her model pose, (ie/ grabbing booty and boobie with a silly look on face :-) )

It's always a good week when a WIP is finished.

On the needles now is DH's sock, the 2nd one, and I'm up to the foot, so nearly there. And OH MY GOD, that is all. I do have some projects ready to start though:
  1. Debbie Bliss baby cardi like the one I just finished

  2. Jo Sharp vest for me

  3. Sirdar baby bamboo cardi for DD (still in post though)

That's it for now, off to bed with Harry Potter, ciao xoxo

Saturday, August 18, 2007

What to tell......

.....not much going on here to be honest. I had a good week, just the usual children, family things. Mondays I take Dear Daughter to music classes, toddler ones and soooo cute. Tuesday I hang out with my mum, my kids just adore their Nana. Wednesday, DD was at daycare and husband had a day off work, so we had breakfast out and then went and had an interview at a school we are looking at for DD - still undecided about that (the principal was a bit of an idiot really, but we both quite liked the school apart from that :-? ) Thursday I spent with the kids on my own, and we went to baby gym for the first time. Both kiddies loved it, crawling around over the big mats. And Friday was Nana day for DD this week. DHubbie had a day off (again I hear you say!!) and we did shopping and I even had an afternoon nap (YaY for me). And finally, Saturday, DHubbie was fishing from 4 am till 3 pm :-0 so I had kids all day. We went to the park, and for an ice-cream (them not me) and I did a spot of shopping in the lush baby shop next door to the ice-cream shop (why oh why did they put it there????), spent $91 but got a hat each for kiddies (if you live in Aus you know we need at least a hat for every day of the week here), and a long sleeve t-shirt for each of them for next winter. Shhhh.....don't tell DHubbie......

My knitting has been a bit slow this week, I've had a spot of a sore shoulder which I think is because of my knitting so have been taking it easy. I am so close to finishing on DSon's jacket, just have to sew up one side and sew a zipper in, so I must, must get cracking and get that done. Plus progress is being made on DH sock, have finished one, and up to the heel on the second. And that is all my WIP's at the moment. But did receive a lovely parcel from Angel Yarns, with my Addi turbo (haven't used it yet, but am wondering what the fuss is about.....oh oh), and 3 balls of baby cashmerino in off white to make a twin jacket for the other newborn nephew.

Oooowwww, mustn't forget I shopped at the for the first time, and bought Sirdar, baby bamboo knits and enough yarn to make two projects, one for me and one for my mum. I am knitting for DD and mum is knitting for DS. Got that for my mum to say thankyou for babysitting at the wedding last weekend, and, well, I couldn't purchase something from America without including one thing for me could I??

By the way, the wedding was nice, I'll put a photo in of myself and DS at the wedding. DD didn't want to go as she felt "sickie" so she stayed in hotel room with Nana. The little jacket was sufficiently appreciated :-) Not like a scarf I sent my brother over a week ago, and have heard no reply, did he get it? did he like it? does he know the work that went into it? (probably, maybe and absolutely not!)

Till next time, when I will definately have piccies of DS wearing his new jacket. Ciao

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Debbie Bliss Baby Jacket is a Beauty

I'm so pleased with this little baby jacket. I think it is the first thing I have knitted where I have made no mistakes, that's right, no mistakes....
It took me about 4 weeks, not too bad considering I finished a few other things in the meantime and my slow knitting pace. I really love the yarn, so soft and yummy, I'd dress my kiddies in it. And I just adore the shoulder shaping, never done a raglan like that before. It really pulls it all together. I even think it is worth the $8 + I paid for the black wool, just to use it for two rows. In case you haven't guessed I'm a bit chuffed with this.
Yarn = Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, 3 balls in blue, 1 ball in black
Pattern = from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007
I went out tonight - yes after dark!! (not a mean feat in a house with two small kids) and bought a lovely box and some tissue paper to wrap it all up right. You know the funny thing, this jacket is for my husband's step brother's son. Not someone I am particularly close to, or even know at all really. I think it's just I know of a baby that was born, and maybe because it is a gift to someone I don't know well, I wanted it to be extra special. Anyway, gift giving today is tomorrow, so I'll let you know how it goes....

On another note, we are going to a wedding tomorrow, quite looking forwards to getting away for the night, my mum is coming to babysit the kids at the hotel we are staying at. Hope I look ok, I don't' get frocked up too often anymore.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finished scarf

Well finally I have finished the scarf for my brother. Bet it's not even cold in Perth anymore though. Was a bit boring to knit to be honest, k1,p1,k1,p1,k1, get the picture. But I hope he likes it. Here it is being blocked, and then all wrapped up ready to post.

On a different subject, I have such a sore shoulder, like a muscle pain, but it's getting worse not better. Started about 3 days ago, I can't even put my right arm up to do a ponytail, it's just so sore. I'm getting a little worried actually. Hope they don't have to amputate.....just joking you know....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Nearly there with baby jacket!

Well, last night...finally....I got around to blocking this baby cardigan. It is looking very nice and I can't wait to see it finished. I'll post some pics when it is all done.
It is Debbie Bliss pattern and her baby cashmerino, I really liked doing the raglan shaping all on one needle, think that looks lovely.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Husband's beanie

This is husband's beanie I have just finished for him. It is a Jo Sharp pattern from Knit Issue 3 (a
gorgeous book by the way). It is made with Silkroad Ultra, colours Salsa and Cement.

I made husband this beanie before and being my usual it'll be right self, I put it in the washing machine, on a normal, warm, wash.....of course, it felted, shrunk and looked awful.

I had some more yarn in the Salsa colour which I am using to make brother a scarf so I used what I had left in grey for the border and pinched some of the scarf yarn. I'm sure the scarf will still be long enough.

I really like the inside pattern of this beanie, in the book the inside is shown modeled on the girl.
My WIP is getting rather low at the moment I think, must need to do some shopping.....

Mummy's Day

I have been so sick all week, A brought a bug home from daycare last weekend, had a runny nose for all of one day then gave me the dreaded lurgy. Consequently I have been sick in bed, with husband, my mum and daughter A running around looking after me for a week now. It all ended last night with me getting the worst migraine in 5 years, and calling the hospital. Luckily I did call, because I was just going to go down there and wait, but on the phone they said they don't give narcotics for migraine, and it was definitely a narcotic I was after, pethidine!!!

I have only had to have a shot of pethidine once before, years and years ago now. Don't get them that bad too often, happily...

Anyway, just suffered it out through the night, and now have that muddled woozy feeling.

On a happier note it is mummy's day today, and I have just made cupacakes with A, she is washing up now.....water is going everywhere!!!!

Now to knitting, I have finished the first Debbie Bliss baby cardigan for husband's nephew, just have to block it and sew it. Also did my first dishcloth the other day. It is ok, I tried to crochet around the edges, never done that before. Also, the cast off is much looser than the cast on so it looks a little oblong shaped. But, like I said ok.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby girl's dress...

Just been looking through my photo's to show some of my knitting. This has probably been my biggest project yet, and one of the more special ones cos it was for my baby girl. It is a Zoe Mellor pattern, a little dress made from Jaeger 4 ply cotton. Behind daughters hand is a pink flower. It took me forever, but is pretty.
That is, till I did my "I'm lazy and will wash my handknit in the machine" trick and now it is a bit out of shape.
My new motto is 'if it's hand made then it has to be handwashed'..........
Tonight I have been working on a Debbie Bliss baby cardigan. I need a circular needle, but the shop I bought from took the money from my visa then informed me that they have to order the needle for themselves. It's been about 3 weeks now, and nothing. I am most unhappy about it. I contribute to a forum but can't complain on it, because it is connected to the shop, so here is my moan here, I'm entitled to a little stomp of my feet right??

Anyway, I am doing the yoke on a straight needle instead so I hope it works, I think it will be fine up until my stitch count decreases by a lot. So I will go slow. I am knitting for a newborn though so I can't go too slow or one of two things will happen.

  1. the baby will grow out of it before it is finished
  2. it will be summer and too hot for the baby to ever wear it.

So hurry up shop, send me my Addi Turbo!!!!

Bye for today


Friday, July 20, 2007

My Babies

I couldn't share any part of me without including something about my kiddies. So here they are, J my son who is 1 and A, my daughter who is 3. Having a ride in Daddy's wheelbarrow. I must admit I am a bit unsure about posting pics and talking about my kids on the web. They are so precious and nowadays you have to think about what you are exposing them to. But I can always delete it.
Now, for my knitting today. I made my first ever dishcloth, doesn't sound very sophisticated does it. Well, it's not really. I used some old cotton I had lying around, two strands together of blue and pink, (which ran out half way, so had to substitute with red), and just did plain old garter stitch. But it is as thick as anything, so I'm sure it will get all that dried weet-bix of J's high chair, here's hoping anyway.
And I am going to try and crochet an edge around it, so I can at least learn a new skill as well. My finger hurts from using two strands of yarn though, so it didn't all come easy.
Have talked DH into lining up with me at 9.01am for the new Harry Potter book. He thinks we are going to be laughed at amongst a sea of 9 year olds. I think he's wrong, and actually I am very cool.
And on that note, I will say goodnight.

Well hello there

Ok so here I am, officially a blogger now. Only, probably a sign of the times, I don't have any time to actually write anything. Arwen is due home any minute, from Nana Day, and Jett needs to get his pj's on...........
Look forwards to it though