Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hiccup with Posh Yarn :-(

Poor Seany, he tried to buy me some Posh Yarn, laceweight, to make this shawl the Wildflower Shawl and the yarn has been lost in transit. He ordered it about 3 weeks ago now and it hasn't turned up so he contacted Dee who said she sent it to our address, but the UK instead of Australia. We don't know who got mixed up, it could have been either of them. Seany did place the order about 3 am so he could have put the country code in wrong...but then Dee took out the international postage fee so perhaps it was the right address but she misread it.

Either way, Dee kindly refunded his money and tonight I am going to set my alarm and try and order some myself. I have just put a post to start a KAL on Angel Yarns, so I hope someone else joins, or I'll have to knit-a-long with myself, hehe.

My lovely husband also had another package arrive yesterday, that didn't make my birthday either. He bought me two sets of rosewood straight needles. They came from US. He did so much research on the best needles to have, he is just about an expert now. Isn't he lovely!!!!!!

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Moggle said...

Well done to your husband! Rosewood needles - lucky you. Hope you got some nice posh laceweight.