Monday, July 23, 2007

Baby girl's dress...

Just been looking through my photo's to show some of my knitting. This has probably been my biggest project yet, and one of the more special ones cos it was for my baby girl. It is a Zoe Mellor pattern, a little dress made from Jaeger 4 ply cotton. Behind daughters hand is a pink flower. It took me forever, but is pretty.
That is, till I did my "I'm lazy and will wash my handknit in the machine" trick and now it is a bit out of shape.
My new motto is 'if it's hand made then it has to be handwashed'..........
Tonight I have been working on a Debbie Bliss baby cardigan. I need a circular needle, but the shop I bought from took the money from my visa then informed me that they have to order the needle for themselves. It's been about 3 weeks now, and nothing. I am most unhappy about it. I contribute to a forum but can't complain on it, because it is connected to the shop, so here is my moan here, I'm entitled to a little stomp of my feet right??

Anyway, I am doing the yoke on a straight needle instead so I hope it works, I think it will be fine up until my stitch count decreases by a lot. So I will go slow. I am knitting for a newborn though so I can't go too slow or one of two things will happen.

  1. the baby will grow out of it before it is finished
  2. it will be summer and too hot for the baby to ever wear it.

So hurry up shop, send me my Addi Turbo!!!!

Bye for today


Friday, July 20, 2007

My Babies

I couldn't share any part of me without including something about my kiddies. So here they are, J my son who is 1 and A, my daughter who is 3. Having a ride in Daddy's wheelbarrow. I must admit I am a bit unsure about posting pics and talking about my kids on the web. They are so precious and nowadays you have to think about what you are exposing them to. But I can always delete it.
Now, for my knitting today. I made my first ever dishcloth, doesn't sound very sophisticated does it. Well, it's not really. I used some old cotton I had lying around, two strands together of blue and pink, (which ran out half way, so had to substitute with red), and just did plain old garter stitch. But it is as thick as anything, so I'm sure it will get all that dried weet-bix of J's high chair, here's hoping anyway.
And I am going to try and crochet an edge around it, so I can at least learn a new skill as well. My finger hurts from using two strands of yarn though, so it didn't all come easy.
Have talked DH into lining up with me at 9.01am for the new Harry Potter book. He thinks we are going to be laughed at amongst a sea of 9 year olds. I think he's wrong, and actually I am very cool.
And on that note, I will say goodnight.

Well hello there

Ok so here I am, officially a blogger now. Only, probably a sign of the times, I don't have any time to actually write anything. Arwen is due home any minute, from Nana Day, and Jett needs to get his pj's on...........
Look forwards to it though