Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jett's Jacket :-)

Well, as promised, I have finished Jett's jacket. YAY for me!!

The pattern is by Zoe Mellor, from her book Nursery Knits. It uses Rowan Calmer, in two shades, the darker one Slosh and the lighter blue Calmer. I made a size 2-3 years, but it was a bit smaller than I anticipated, my son is only 16 months and it fits him perfectly now. Plus I have a bit of left over yarn, about 70 grams of Calmer and 30 grams of Slosh.
Wonder what I can make with that??

I kind of knew I had a problem with my tension, I did do a tension square (but then promptly ignored it). My tension square was a bit out, but I thought, I've never had any differences with my tension before, so I just went ahead. Mmmmm......

But over all, I'm really pleased, I tried very hard to be neat and precise. And I think it shows, especially in the shoulder bind off, and hood. The pockets are well done, and my stripes match at the side and underarm seams.

On the critical side, my zipper could do with some work. I machine sewed it in, and the machine pulled a bit so it the stripes don't line up-a shame! Also, I still find it so hard to sew my ends in. I weave them in but the little tiny bits just pop out, I feel like I need to glue them down.

As I said this is for DS, he tried it on for me tonight, and looks pleased I think.

DD also tried it on, here she is showing the sleeve.

And doing her model pose, (ie/ grabbing booty and boobie with a silly look on face :-) )

It's always a good week when a WIP is finished.

On the needles now is DH's sock, the 2nd one, and I'm up to the foot, so nearly there. And OH MY GOD, that is all. I do have some projects ready to start though:
  1. Debbie Bliss baby cardi like the one I just finished

  2. Jo Sharp vest for me

  3. Sirdar baby bamboo cardi for DD (still in post though)

That's it for now, off to bed with Harry Potter, ciao xoxo


Moggle said...

Jett's jacket looks awesome! Why don't you make a Shedir hat from Knitty with the leftover calmer?

Danielle said...

Glenda you are so clever! I can't believe how much your two babies are growing up!! I love your blog, its a whole new world in here huh? Thanks for my first blogging experience, lots of love danielle and boyz