Sunday, May 31, 2009

Crocheting for ducks

I have joined a crochet group, in the hopes of learning how to crochet. I don't really like the look of crocheted items, but I love the edgings and pretty flowers that add to knitting. So I called up a lady who had an ad on the local noticeboard.

I went to her house and I was the youngest (by about half) of all four ducks who also belong to this group. I was given instruction on holding the hook, using the correct hooks (plastic is not acceptable sorry), how to strand the yarn through my fingers (acrylic does some very nice colours nowadays says the boss duck), and was strongly encouraged to do a lap blanket to start. I put my foot down at this and (barely) convinced her I could do a washcloth.
But from the amount of crocheted blankets around the ducks house I bet she is a master crocheter so I will return next week, and meekly take my shoes off, sit on her plastic covered hard chair, and be taught to do something other than a granny square...haha!! Hopefully!!!!

By the way, is it just my old duck, or do all crocheters hate knitting?

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