Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i love my iPhone

I've never been that bothered by what mobile phone I have, as long as its got a game or two, (and truthfully solitaire will do), and can make a call and SMS it'll do.

But last week, I was able, on DH's account acquire myself an iPhone.....and Oh.My.God!!

What a phone. This last week has seen me taking an impromptu video of the kids feeding cows over a fence, playing Bookworm as I'm feeding Quill and chatting around on Rav at 3 am when I can't sleep. What a toy!! Why did no-one tell me before? So now I'm twittering/facebooking/goodreading all around town and probably am making a right twit of myself. Haha!!

But of course still knitting too. I have finished numerous small projects lately:

Am very happy with this knit, the Turn-a-Square beanie by Brooklyntweed. I am just loving reading his blog and twitter updates at the moment.

This turned out very well, except my jogless stripes, my first attempt and they came out jogless on the inside but the outside, the part EVERYONE will see is running a marathon...great big bits of contrast yarn stretched in one smooth stripe vertically up the hat.....Not Good!!
Yarn: Jo Sharp silkroad dk tweed in colour Granar, and the contrast is the delightful Filatura di Crosa Zara print in colour 5031 (don't' you just hate it when 'they' cant' come up with at least a name)
Needle: 4mm and 4.5 mm
Alterations: none
Also I rather quickly whipped up the gorgeous little pair of sockies for Buby Quill. I made myself Roza's socks in this yarn and had enough left over for some baby socks. I don't think the colours work with the stitch pattern, or with the Roza's sock pattern either for that matter. But they are made, and they are soft and comfy! Now if only they would stay on her feet!!
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock multi in colour Baby stripe (ahhh!!!)
Needle: 2.25 mm Brittany birch....the best sock needles EVER!!
Alterations: none
And before I go, can someone please read my Blog....even my Mum doesn't :)


pinkphish said...

I recently got an iPhone and am totally in love with it too. I thought I'd love all the knitting related apps, but it turns out I've hardly even looked at them.
The hat looks great. I have problems with jog-less stripes too... sometimes they settle down with a bit of wear.
Very cute baby socks!

Christine said...

I'm reading, lol.

I'm jealous of your new phone, kinda wish I'd got one; now I have to wait years before I can justify a new phone