Friday, August 3, 2007

Mummy's Day

I have been so sick all week, A brought a bug home from daycare last weekend, had a runny nose for all of one day then gave me the dreaded lurgy. Consequently I have been sick in bed, with husband, my mum and daughter A running around looking after me for a week now. It all ended last night with me getting the worst migraine in 5 years, and calling the hospital. Luckily I did call, because I was just going to go down there and wait, but on the phone they said they don't give narcotics for migraine, and it was definitely a narcotic I was after, pethidine!!!

I have only had to have a shot of pethidine once before, years and years ago now. Don't get them that bad too often, happily...

Anyway, just suffered it out through the night, and now have that muddled woozy feeling.

On a happier note it is mummy's day today, and I have just made cupacakes with A, she is washing up now.....water is going everywhere!!!!

Now to knitting, I have finished the first Debbie Bliss baby cardigan for husband's nephew, just have to block it and sew it. Also did my first dishcloth the other day. It is ok, I tried to crochet around the edges, never done that before. Also, the cast off is much looser than the cast on so it looks a little oblong shaped. But, like I said ok.

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wgdwhite said...

I think your things look lovely. The baby cardi especially. Good job.
Luv from your littles 'angel's Nana XXX