Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grandpa Socks

Well, these socks aren't actually for a grandpa, although my husband does act like one on the odd occassion. DH calls them his Grandpa socks, I think it's the he right?

Anyway, I think I learnt a lot with these socks, with the help of some lovely knitters from Angel Yarns. One foot has a mistake, I started decreasing on the top of the sock instead of the side. You can see in this photo.

But apart from that I am happy with them. Next time I am looking forwards to using some plain coloured yarn and trying a little lace or texture. I'm thinking of Grumperina's Roza's socks. It is my birthday later this month, and some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn is on my list.....:-)

1 comment:

Moggle said...

Great socks and I like the colour. Knit your DK some crazy multi-coloured ones and then he can't complain they're 'grandpa' :)