Saturday, August 18, 2007

What to tell......

.....not much going on here to be honest. I had a good week, just the usual children, family things. Mondays I take Dear Daughter to music classes, toddler ones and soooo cute. Tuesday I hang out with my mum, my kids just adore their Nana. Wednesday, DD was at daycare and husband had a day off work, so we had breakfast out and then went and had an interview at a school we are looking at for DD - still undecided about that (the principal was a bit of an idiot really, but we both quite liked the school apart from that :-? ) Thursday I spent with the kids on my own, and we went to baby gym for the first time. Both kiddies loved it, crawling around over the big mats. And Friday was Nana day for DD this week. DHubbie had a day off (again I hear you say!!) and we did shopping and I even had an afternoon nap (YaY for me). And finally, Saturday, DHubbie was fishing from 4 am till 3 pm :-0 so I had kids all day. We went to the park, and for an ice-cream (them not me) and I did a spot of shopping in the lush baby shop next door to the ice-cream shop (why oh why did they put it there????), spent $91 but got a hat each for kiddies (if you live in Aus you know we need at least a hat for every day of the week here), and a long sleeve t-shirt for each of them for next winter. Shhhh.....don't tell DHubbie......

My knitting has been a bit slow this week, I've had a spot of a sore shoulder which I think is because of my knitting so have been taking it easy. I am so close to finishing on DSon's jacket, just have to sew up one side and sew a zipper in, so I must, must get cracking and get that done. Plus progress is being made on DH sock, have finished one, and up to the heel on the second. And that is all my WIP's at the moment. But did receive a lovely parcel from Angel Yarns, with my Addi turbo (haven't used it yet, but am wondering what the fuss is about.....oh oh), and 3 balls of baby cashmerino in off white to make a twin jacket for the other newborn nephew.

Oooowwww, mustn't forget I shopped at the for the first time, and bought Sirdar, baby bamboo knits and enough yarn to make two projects, one for me and one for my mum. I am knitting for DD and mum is knitting for DS. Got that for my mum to say thankyou for babysitting at the wedding last weekend, and, well, I couldn't purchase something from America without including one thing for me could I??

By the way, the wedding was nice, I'll put a photo in of myself and DS at the wedding. DD didn't want to go as she felt "sickie" so she stayed in hotel room with Nana. The little jacket was sufficiently appreciated :-) Not like a scarf I sent my brother over a week ago, and have heard no reply, did he get it? did he like it? does he know the work that went into it? (probably, maybe and absolutely not!)

Till next time, when I will definately have piccies of DS wearing his new jacket. Ciao

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FairyNuff said...

what a cutie!
It looks lovely and warm and sunny there :-)
its wet and yucky here
If I fill my suitcase with Rowan yarns can I come to Oz for some sun and a warm