Monday, July 28, 2008

Pain pain and more pain

I have carpal tunnel!!!! I've always known I've had it, very mildly, first came on when pregnant with Child number 1.
But now, at the latter stages of pregnancy with Child Number 3, it has hit me...big time! My hands and feet have puffed up, and are so swollen that I cannot make a fist or link my fingers together, and the pain in my right hand especially....that's right, my throwing hand. I can only manage a couple of rows at a time, or in the case of my Jo sharp vest that has cabling, a couple of stitches.....sob sob sob
All I can hope is that when the bubba comes out it takes away the carpel tunnel with it...but then of course I'll have no time to knit....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Gripe...

Yes, I do have a gripe I want to share.
With a yarn store, and not only that, my favourite yarn store.
They have done me wrong....

Angel Yarns
Exactly 20 days ago I purchased some Rowan Handknit Cotton to make a baby blanket, as you know bubba is due in only 4 weeks. So after much trolling through the online stores to see who had what in stock, I purchased.
Then when I hadn't received anything after two weeks I thought I'd just send an email to say I'm not alarmed yet, but just checking the parcel had been posted ok....
Guess what the reply email said....AY were out of stock, couldn't get anymore because it was a discontinued line, and sorry they hadn't let me know!!!
Hmmm, why hadn't they let me know??? That's the part that is the most disappointing. I was waiting patiently for my parcel, not to know it was never going to happen. A courtesy email would have been appreciated.

Anyway, I asked for a refund and will seek out something else. That's all!!

Oh, by the way, I LOVE Ravelry...don't you

Monday, July 21, 2008

Grandpa cardi for Seany or Grandma cardi for me?

That's the choice I'm faced with....I can only afford one, well, can afford neither so can definitely only stretch to one.
I quite like the idea of making something significant for Seany, as he always does the 'knitting face' whenever I finish know like it could be done better, and I sort of want to prove him wrong.
But then you know, something for me, a soft snuggly mohair cardi????
Decisions, decisions....
So this is the Wrap Jacket, from Jo Sharp's Knit Issue 3, making the next to largest size uses 14 balls of mohair, at $9.95 each, that's over $150 for this cardi.....whoa.....

Then there's the Maurizio for Seany, I would make a similar colour for him, probably in RYC Cashsoft DK, all up this would cost about $120 with postage. So a bit cheaper. Mmmmm, just don't know.

Plus I am waiting, (impatiently) on an order from Angel Yarns to make a blanket for new bubba, but more on that when it actually arrives. The package, not the bubba that is....

And I have finished something this week too. I made a Drop Stitch Scarf, a new pattern with some stash yarn, it was so pretty when finished I wanted to give it to someone, as it wasn't really to my taste. I offered it to my Mum but she's not really into scarves, so I sent it to my grandma, Junee, hope she likes it. Here it is...

Felt quite proud to have done a pattern, and a lace one at that. I just won't tell anyone the actual name of the pattern was Easy Drop Stitch Scarf!!!!
Countdown to bubba: 4 weeks.....oh dear