Friday, August 3, 2007

Husband's beanie

This is husband's beanie I have just finished for him. It is a Jo Sharp pattern from Knit Issue 3 (a
gorgeous book by the way). It is made with Silkroad Ultra, colours Salsa and Cement.

I made husband this beanie before and being my usual it'll be right self, I put it in the washing machine, on a normal, warm, wash.....of course, it felted, shrunk and looked awful.

I had some more yarn in the Salsa colour which I am using to make brother a scarf so I used what I had left in grey for the border and pinched some of the scarf yarn. I'm sure the scarf will still be long enough.

I really like the inside pattern of this beanie, in the book the inside is shown modeled on the girl.
My WIP is getting rather low at the moment I think, must need to do some shopping.....


Moggle said...

Really great hat. Nice colour combination.

FairyNuff said...

love DH's beanie!
Just wish mine would wear something other than black or navy

yarnsnob said...

ooh lovely colour combo, my DH won't let me knit him a beanie cos he knows I will knit in jazzy colours and he has to model it lol