Saturday, October 6, 2007

What to do???

My lovely hubby, who often gets a mention on here, has taken the kids away to visit my MIL for the weekend. For the first time in 3. 5 years I am alone for more than an hour!!!!
What bliss, my biggest dilema at the moment is, what to cast on?

I've been saving casting on for these two projects till this weekend:
  1. Jo Sharp vest from Knit Issue 3 for me - bit ho hum about the dk, feels a bit scratchy to me, but love the pattern

  2. Sirdar baby bamboo cardigan for Arwen - love love love it.

Guess my decision is made, or is it.............

Here's a pic of the yarn choices:

Jo Sharp



Moggle said...

I say the vest but then I'm a bit of a selfish cow! It's a great colour. Is it the one from the cover?
I made a scratchy wool less scratchy by putting a blob of hair conditioner in the rinse water when hand washing.

pinkarwensocks said...

Thanks moggle, I can always rely on you to comment, I sometimes think you are the only one who reads my blog ;-)
I did go for the vest in the end!!