Friday, September 16, 2011

bits and pieces. this and that.

Oh dear, I'm not a very loyal blogger am I? Sorry!!
But here I am, nearly twelve months later filled to the brim with knitting jobs, tech editing jobs, book reviewing jobs, and one pattern about to be published. I LOVE MY KNITTING LIFE.
Instead of trying to catch up on all that has happened, I'll just push forward, suffice to say I've been knitting, knitting, knitting....
Currently I am working on some projects that my lovely friend Michelle has given me. Michelle is the editor of Yarn Magazine, and is currently working on a book. I am knitting some samples, but can't say anymore. 
Also, I have been spending a lot of time at my favourite yarn store, Evoke, because, for the last six months....I...HAVE...BEEN...WORKING....THERE!!!! Oh, I am so happy, I have never had a better, more fulfilling, more creative, more exciting job than this one. And of course, the beautiful Elissa is simply that...beautiful.

The project I'm feeling most inspired about currently, is my Hexagon-how-to blanket. Designed by Lucy of Attic24, the Hexagon how-to is a simple, yet interesting project. I am crocheting it in Amy Butler & Rowan's Belle Organic dk, is some divine colours. When finished, it is going to lovingly live in our little caravan, perfect for those chilly autumn evenings sitting by a bbq, camping with the family. <3

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