Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've been a Twilight fan for a while, but I've just recently discovered fanfiction, and its been keeping me up too late many a night now. I can find an alternate ending to my favourite characters, Bella and Jacob (swoon) can now end up together, whilst enjoying rather a lot of smuttiness in between...oh la la!!! Came across all this via a ravelry group.

I've also been tech editing for Yarn magazine, so far I have done a tea set, beanie and am now on a bag. WOW!! Actually getting paid to knit/ lucky am I?? The only one
published so far is the tea set, this is mine...

And to other knitting, it is coming along, I am trying to finish a lot of WIP's so I can start something new...

Plus, my brother and his fiance are expecting their first child, my first niece/nephew, and I am SOOOO EXCITED! So of course, am knitting a blanket...

Pattern Tea Set
by Marika Simon
Yarn Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton in colourway blue and natural
Hook 3.25 mm
Mods none as it was a tech edit.

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