Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to all who are reading my small blog. Hope it was wonderful, mine was, spent with children, parents, siblings, husband!! A grand day.

I gifted only one Christmas present this year, Montego Bay Scarf, to Mrs. Osmetti, Miss 5's pre-kindy teacher, who truly did deserve the time I spent on every stitch in that scarf. I hope she liked it, it was hard to tell at the time, just the usual polite pleasantries were exchanged over it. I wanted to tell her about all the looong hours I spent, the late nights in that last week, the mistakes I didn't put up with, but unpicked to get it just right...but I didn't..of course, that's not what we knitters do is it. Only I, and all of you who also knit, share that knowledge.

Nevertheless, we live in a small town, perhaps I'll see her wearing it one day. :)

Pattern Montego Bay Scarf by Amy Singer
Yarn Handmaiden Fine Yarn - Sea Silk in colourway Pink
Needle took quite a few false starts to settle on 5 mm, not too tight not too loose, I also invested in some lurvley Lantern Moon Ebony needles as the yarn was so slippery.
Mods none apart from changing needle size and making the braided fringe a very loose braid.

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