Saturday, August 22, 2009

12 rows per day?

Can I complete 12 rows a day EVERY day in order to finish Zoe Mellor's Hearts & Stars blanket. Quill's birthday is the 31st August, I need 24 hours blocking time... And well I just don't know if I've got it in me. I'm slow on the best of days and this blanket is full of moss stitch, double slow for me.
I started this when I was pregnant with little Quilly and then I could only knit one row at a time. It made my tendinitis play up HORRIBLY!!! I think it would be special to give it to her on her first birthday.
Last night I knit a strand of my hair into the middle of one of the love hearts, I thought that was such a loving and sentimental statement, not my husband though, he was watching me like I was crazy!

Well, wish me luck everyone.

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amanda said...

Course you can finish it! :D Hark at me who hasn't picked up the needles in the last 4 days and paid Lily to seam a cardigan for me!

Christine said...

Good luck Glenda!!
I think that's a lovely idea of knitting a strand of your hair in.